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Story of Sake 2022

Story of Sake successively welcomed groups of guests recently.

We opened our first "sakura" (cherry blossom)" tour in April. Because in Yamagata sakura gets best approximately two weeks after Tokyo, you can enjoy sakura twice by coming to Yamagata from Tokyo. Thanks to the great weather, the guests were welcomed by great sakura around the ruins of Yamagata Castle. They:

  • went to two sake breweries (Mitobe Sake Brewery and Dewazakura Sake Brewery);

  • climbed Yamadera Temple;

  • made sake grasses;

  • did the sake tasting session;

  • stayed at a nice onsen ryokan;

  • had a dinner with teh brewery master of Mitobe Sake Brewery;

  • and more!

They left a comment: Yamagata was so much fun that I could not concentrate in work on Monday! What a compliment!

We also opened another tour in May. Because the guests love not only sake but also wine, for the first time Story of Sake took our guests to a winery. Indeed, Yamagata has a number of reputable wineries. The itinerary this time included:

  • visit to a sake brewery;

  • dinner with the brewery master;

  • Yamadera Temple climbing;

  • sake grass making;

  • sake tasting session;

  • stay at a luxury onsen ryokan;

  • visit to Woody Farm Winery;

  • and more!

It was great to hear that they have fallen in love with Yamagata.

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