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Sake in Isehara, Kanagawa

Fantastic scenery with amazing sake

Sake in Isehara, Kanagawa

This is a newly available sake course in the Kanagawa area (day trip), accessible from Tokyo and Hakone.  Please book in a group of 2 people or more (1-person booking cannot be accepted unfortunately due to the logistics issue) and contact us at least one week in advance.


  • Visit a recently-succeeded premium brewery that is usually closed to public and experience in-brewery sake tasting

  • Visit the source of water from which the sake is brewed

  • Famous tofu lunch in Oyama, close to Tokyo yet very different atmosphere with mountain

Example ​Schedule

Day Trip

  • Get on a Romance Car to enjoy city-to-rural view (to Isehara Station)

  • Tofu lunch at Oyama

  • Oyama Cablecar to climb up to experience sake water tasting

  • Visit Kikkawa Sake Brewery who is brewing Afuri and experience premium sake tasting

  • Go back to Isehara Station for your return trip to Shinjuku


Please ask via contact form

  • Standard: Itinerary set-up

  • Special: Guided by our professional

  • Premium: Guided by Yuki Ojima, the CEO of Story of Sake

Comments from previous guests

  • Sake water tasting is quite fabulous!  I had never done it before and I loved it

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