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<Open in spring>
Sake & Cherry Blossoms

Enjoy sake and seasonal flavor of Yamagata.

<Open in spring> Sake & Cherry Blossoms

In Yamagata, you can enjoy the beautiful view of cherry blossoms about a bit later than Tokyo. Enjoy cherry blossoms in April, as well as wonderful sake. Please book in a group of 2 people or more (1-person booking cannot be accepted unfortunately due to the logistics issue) and contact us at least two weeks in advance.


  • Go deep in sake - sake glass making at pottery, sake testing sessions with kurabito / former kurabito (sake brewer), sake dinner, and more! Throughout the weekend, more than 10 different sake brands are waiting for you

  • Visit sake breweries usually not open to public

  • Stay at ryokan and try two very different onsen in Tendo and in Kurosawa

  • Feel local - guided by Yamagatan ・Easy trip with all-inclusive concept


Greetings in Yamagata on Sunday afternoon, spending two nights and leaving there on Tuesday afternoon. This course is almost-all-inclusive - local transportation, ryokans, lunches, dinner, tasting, etc. you do not need to pay extra (unless you order more or you buy your souvenir).


Example ​Schedule


Welcome to Yamagata – “another Japan over the mountain”!

  • Arriving and meeting us at Tendo Station at 1:00 pm

  • Visit Dewazakura Sake Brewery <With guided tasting session>

  • Visit Mt Maizuru <beautiful cherry blossoms>

  • Prestigious onsen ryokan at Tendo Onsen (Yunoka Matsunoyu or equivalent)

  • Sake paring dinner <Special sake set available only for our guests>



  • Visit Mitobe Sake Brewery <Inside-the-brewery walk guided by the brewery master>

  • Local lunch recommended by Yamangatan

  • Michelin-listed Hirashimizu Sake Experience

  > Sake glass making

  > Sake tasting session guided by former brewer <Prepared just for our guests>

  • Sake pairing dinner <Also prepared just for our guests>

  • Check-in at a hotel located at city centre (or equivalent)



  • Cherry blossmos walk at Kajo Park

  • Farewell local sake lunch

  • Saying goodbye and leaving Yamagata Station at 2:00 pm



Please ask via contact form

  • Standard: Itinerary set-up

  • Special: Guided by our professional

  • Premium: Guided by Yuki Ojima, the CEO of Story of Sake

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