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Our Flagship - Sake in Yamagata

This is the flagship course of Story of Sake

Our Flagship - Sake in Yamagata

This is the flagship course of Story of Sake.  Please book in a group of 2 people or more (1-person booking cannot be accepted unfortunately due to the logistics issue) and contact us at least two weeks in advance.


  • Visit a prominent brewery that are usually closed to public, check out where sake is brewed, and taste the brewery’s premium sake

  • Go deep in sake - sake glass making at pottery, sake testing sessions with kurabito / former kurabito (sake brewer), sake dinner, and more! Throughout the weekend, more than 10 different sake brands are waiting for you

  • Stay at one of the best onsen ryokan in Yamagata - local sake available to be paired with Japanese cuisine made from local ingredient

  • Feel local - guided by Yamagatan

  • Easy trip with almost-all-inclusive concept

All of the experience included in the itinerary below is special, but what is really special would be the visit to the source of water used to brew sake on Day 1.  We go to the headstream by the mountain, and taste the water and compare it with the sake that is made from the water.  This is something that you can only experience in the birthplace of sake!

Greetings in Yamagata on Sunday afternoon, spending two nights and leaving there on Tuesday afternoon.  This course is almost-all-inclusive - local transportation, ryokans, lunches, dinner, tasting, etc. you do not need to pay extra (unless you order more or you buy your souvenir).

Example ​Schedule


Welcome to Yamagata – “another Japan over the mountain”!

  • Arriving and meeting us at Tendo Station at 1:00 pm

  • Visit Dewazakura Sake Brewery <With guided tasting session>

  • Visit Yamadera temple (1,015 steps!) (or alternative depending on weather)

  • Visit source of water used for sake <Prepared just for our guests>

  • Prestigious onsen ryokan at Tendo Onsen (Yunoka Matsunoyu or equivalent)

  • Sake pairing dinner <Special sake set available only for our guests>



  • Visit Mitobe Sake Brewery <Inside-the-brewery walk guided by the brewery master>

  • Local lunch recommended by Yamangatan

  • Michelin-listed Hirashimizu Sake Experience

    > Sake glass making

    > Sake tasting session guided by former brewer <Prepared just for our guests>

  • Sake pairing dinner <Also prepared just for our guests>

  • Check-in at a hotel in Yamagata city centre



  •  Visit Shuho Sake Brewery <Experience the brewery not open to public>

  •  Farewell local sake lunch

  •  Saying goodbye and leaving Yamagata Station at 2:00 pm


Please ask via contact form

  • Standard: Itinerary set-up

  • Special: Guided by our professional

  • Premium: Guided by Yuki Ojima, the CEO of Story of Sake

Comments from previous guests

  • Overall, it was very satisfactory and already spread words around to colleagues, ex colleagues and friends.

  • It was a very fulfilling trip! I also enjoyed great sake and local food. I am so satisfied.

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