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Story of Sake Whereabout

Story of Sake was founded in January 2021, and it has been two years and nice months since its foundation. Story of Sake has been in Yamagata, serving you all who are interested in sake. It has been a great pleasure to invite approximately 50 guests so far and to provide opportunities for delivering the story of sake.

Yamagata is really a great place for everyone to know the story of sake, and there are other places where the story of sake can be well delivered. We therefore will start serving you in other prefectures.

First place would be Nagano, which has the second largest number of sake breweries next to Niigata. The quality of Nagano sake has significantly improved recently, and their sake won the champion in the IWC (International Wine Challenge) two years in a row. We will partner this year's champion sake brewery, Yukawa Sake Brewery brewing Jurokudai Kuroemon, and with two other prominent breweries in the first place. We are sure we will be able to provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Then Gunma and Kanagawa will follow. As they are close to Tokyo, day trips and one-night trips are possible. More details will follow shortly.

We are truly hoping to deliver the story of sake to the world!

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