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Sake Water Experience

​Sake story


Basically and setting the details aside, sake is made from rice and water.  Thus, needless to say, water is very important to brew sake, and it is essential for a sake brewery to secure good water to brew good sake.

As a highlight of Story of Sake experience, we can guide you to the source of water to be used to brew sake.  Depending on the schedule, we will either guide you to the riverhead or a bit downstream of it. I personally love the landscape there.  There, you will be tasting water (which is as clean as bottled water), together with sake that is brewed from the specific water.

We will not go into the details here as the scenery and tasting will much better explain what it is.  We look forward to serving you in Yamagata.

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​If you want to ask about trip,
​welcome to contact us. 

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