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2nd Guests have come

We are pleased to have welcomed our second guests to Yamagata. A couple experienced:

  • fabulous local onsen;

  • cherry picking;

  • local soba lunch;

  • Dewazakura brewery visit;

  • sake glass making;

  • sake seminar and tasting;

  • private onsen experience;

  • sake pairing dinner;

  • Visit to Mitobe Sake Brewery;

  • sake shopping; and

  • sake that is available only in Yamagata.

This couple, who loves to drink sake but did not have detailed knowledge about it, deepened the understanding of sake. "I will be able to appreciate sake more," the husband said. "It was great to personally know the real sake brewer and learn the story of sake from him," was the remark from the wife.

The real voice of the guests is listed in the "Report" page.

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