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1st Guests have come

We are pleased to have welcomed our first guests to Yamagata. Six international ladies experienced:

  • onsen ryokans in Zao Onsen and Tendo Onsen;

  • tasting snow-melting water from natural water fountain from which prominent Yamagata sake is brewed;

  • beautiful view of Mt Zao;

  • local lunches and izakaya;

  • sake glass making;

  • sake seminar and tasting;

  • Dewazakura brewery visit;

  • Yamadera walk;

  • sake shopping; and

  • sake that is available only in Yamagata.

It was just a great experience to see how the guests deepened their sake knowledge over the two days. Looking at them, we have made sure that this sake tourism definitely leads to our vision of "expanding the real sake culture from Japan to the world".

The real voice of the guests is listed in the "Report" page.

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