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Listen to story of sake, the voice of Japan

Sake is waiting for you in Yamagata, hidden gem of Japan only 150 min away from Tokyo

Welcome to Story of Sake

We are an experience creator, with the vision of "expanding the real sake culture from Japan to the world".  We welcome people from all over the world, make you enjoy sake, and hope to turn you into a sake fan (or, if you are already a sake fan, we hope to turn you into a sake enthusiast or even a sake expert)

People go to France and to Bourgogne to enjoy Chardonnay or Pinot Noir, but Bourgogne is not just about wine.  We believe that Yamagata also has the potential to become Bourgogne.  Yamagata sake is superb, and Yamagata has a lot of undiscovered tourism resources.  We therefore decided to embody our vision from here in Yamagata


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