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Why Sake?

The founder entered into the world of sake in 2015 when he started to look for Juyondai, a sake brand from Yamagata. Because of its limited availability, it was (and still is) almost impossible for a normal consumer to buy it.

He obtained a list of Juyondai's certified distributor sake shops, and started going to those shops. He went to the shops from Aomori to Kyushu according to the list. Obviously, no sake shop was willing to sold Juyondai to him. However, those shops have excellent selection of sake, and he started buying bottles from those shops. Needless to say, Juyondai may be one of the most difficult sake brands to purchase, but it does not necessarily mean that other sake brands are inferior to Juyondai in terms of taste. Within a few years, he purchased and opened countless number of bottles, and realised that sake really does taste good and different. Even though most of sakes are transparent, the range of taste is almost as wide as wine (red to white). This is how he stepped into the sake world.

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