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When will Japan open?

Newspaper today said that Thailand will open the border for tourists from November 2021. Japanese government is also considering doing the same, but it is probably not going to happen within the coming months. The COVID-19-related numbers are looking much better now, but yes, we are conservative.

That means that Story of Sake will not be able to welcome guests from outside Japan this winter. The picture here is a beautiful bamboo forest in snow, but this will be missed this year. Having said that, we have cherry blossom in spring, various kinds of fruits in summer, and gorgeous coloured leaves in autumn. And, sake always welcomes you in Yamagata throughout the year.

For those who are not currently in Japan, please consider visiting us sometime next year when the border is open.

For those who are currently in Japan, pleaes come visit us. We are vaccinated and ready to serve you.

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