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Same Brand, Different Taste

We have held the sake tasting party. The lineup was:

  1. Yamagata Masamune Junmai;

  2. Yamagata Masamune Dry Junmai; and

  3. Yamagata Masamune made with its own yeast.

Talking about wine, if it is made from the same grape and by the same winery, they essentially taste similar. On the other hand, sake can taste different even though it is made from the same rice and by the same brewery. Indeed, these bottles are made from the same sake rice (Dewa Sansan) and by the same brewery (Mitobe Sake Brewery - our partner brewery), and they all taste different.

Wine is said that 80% of its taste comes from the quality of the grape, and 20% and it comes from who makes it. On the contrary, 80% of sake's taste comes from who brews it, and only 20% of it is from the ingredients. In that sense, sake is the product of craftmanship.

Visit Yamagata with us, and you will be able to dive into the essense of sake and the craftmanship.

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