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Heavy Snow in Yamagata

In January 2022, we are having the joy of heavy snow in days and nights. Indeed, Yamagata is a snow prefecture, but we are getting more snows than past five years or so.

Bad aspects

  • Snow removal: as you see, the route from the entrance gate to my home is completely buried. I need to get it cleared (though not sure when I get motivated to do so).

  • Accidents: a number of car accidents occur because of this snow. We need to drive carefully.

Good aspects

  • Sake: in general, it is preferable to be cold when brewing sake. A lot of sake breweries use air conditioners when brewing sake, but we do not need them if it is cold enough. Usually temprature is around 0 degrees here in Yamagata, so well cold enough to brew great sake.

  • Ski/Snowboard: if you like skiing or snowboarding, Yamagata is definitely the to-go place for you. Only 30 minutes away from Yamagata Station, there is a famous ski resort called "Zao Onsen Ski Resort", which surprisingly has about 40 ropeways and lifts for skiiers/snowboarders. I personally truly honestly think that this is the best ski resort in Japan, considering the quality of the snow and variety of the courses. Heavy snow means that you can enjoy the powder snow there.


  • Come to Yamagata to check out what we have here to offer you!

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