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5th Guests have come

As another sake brewing season has just started, we welcomed another group of guests to Yamagata.

Straight from Tendo Station, we took the guests to Mitobe Sake Brewery - one of our partner breweries. They started to brew their sake in November, so we were able to feel the dynamics of the brewery. We were even able to taste the very fresh - just squeezed - sake! It is indeed second to nothing; something that you can only taste in the brewery in the right timing.

The guests spent the first night in Takinami Ryokan ( in Akayu Onsen Area. Superb mixture of traditional design and modern omotenashi, we highly recommend that you experience a night there if you have some room in the budget.

The guests headed to Hijiori Onsen the next day - one of the greatest onsen area in the middle of mountain range - and had a lot of fun there. Yes, it is very cold in Yamagata in winter, but there are more than a handful of reasons to visit this freezing Yamagata.

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