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3rd Guests have come

We have just welcomed the 3rd guests to Yamagata as private sake experience. They are a beautiful couple who love to taste beer, wine and (of course) sake.

This was our first trip that included three brewery visits - Shuho Sake Brewery, Mitobe Sake Brewery and Dewazakura Sake Brewery ( Each brewery has its own unique personality. Visiting a brewery does not just mean visiting a brewery; it also means listening to a story of sake from someone who actually brews sake.

Highlights of this three-day sake experience include knowing Yamagata with local food. The guests enjoyed the real local food that no tourist would visit. They also had a sake pairing dinner - local food paired with sake brewed in Yamagata. Two nights were spent in the onsen ryokan (Japanese-style hotel with hot spring) with private onsen room.

They were pleased to purchase some made-in-Yamagata wine and beer.

In the end of the day, they brought (actually sent) 30 bottles (mostly sake) to their home. We hope they will continue to enjoy Yamagata through sake!

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