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Special Excursion Takamiya Version

Half-day excursion exclusive for the guests of Takamiya Miyama-so

  • 5 hr 45 min
  • 60,000 Japanese yen
  • Yamagata

Service Description

We would invite the Takamiya Miyama-so guests to our exclusive one-day excursion! 【Itinerary】 9:30: Meet at Takamiya Miyama-so entrance 10:15: Check out the origin of sake - explore the riverhead of the source of sake (exclusive sake experience) 10:45: Sake brewery visit Vol. 1 (Mitobe Sake Brewery) and professional tasting session (exclusive sake experience) 12:30: Local soba noodle lunch 13:30: Sake brewery visit Vol. 2 (Dewazakura Sake Brewery) and tasting session 15:15: Good-bye at Takamiya Miyamaso 【Details】 This is a one-day excursion available for the guests staying at Takamiya Miyama-so only. We meet at the entrance, and first check out the source of Yamagata Masamune, sake brewed by Mitobe Sake Brewery. Remembering the taste of the water, we visit the brewery and see how the water becomes the delicious sake. Mitobe Sake Brewery is popular, small and usually closed to public, but you are especially allowed into this time. At the end of the brewery walking tour, you get to taste not only their beautiful sake but also sake from another brewery so you get to try the difference. Yamagata is famous for soba noodles and there are a lot of soba restaurants in the area called Tendo. After visiting one of the decent soba restaurants, we visit another sake brewery called Dewazakura Sake Brewery, a larger sake brewery than Mitobe Sake Brewery. As you walk through, you will surely see the difference between the breweries, even though the two breweries are only 1km away from each other. The taste of the sake is also very different. We would be grateful if you could feel the complexity of sake. 【Price】 JPY 60,000 for a group of 2 or less. JPY 3,000 per person will be added to be paid in person in cash. We can accept up to a group of 5. 【Language】 English or Japanese

Contact Details

+81 70 8304 6157

Japan, Tokyo, Minato City, Akasaka3 Chome−12−18 第8荒井ビル

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